The International Students Association (ISA) is part of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Founded in 2008, ISA is the third largest organization on campus, apart from the Student Union (SU) and Mainland Students and Scholars Society (MSSS), with over 500 members and hosting over 20 events per year. ISA's primary goal is to represent the interests of overseas students while promoting cultural exchange within the campus.

International Community

ISA believes in unity; we strive to create a community whereby there's no separation between students from different cultural backgrounds, and we aim to create greater synergy by bringing people from different backgrounds together. ISA organizes activities that would forge an international campus atmosphere, in which all cultures and ethnicities will thrive.

Unrestricted Membership

ISA does not restrict its membership only to international students; both Local and Mainland Chinese students are more than welcome to join us. No matter who you are, as long as you also believe in what ISA believes in, ISA welcomes you. Together, we can help develop HKUST towards a more accepting, understanding, and enlightened community.

Vision & Mission

ISA’s main purpose is to provide services and events aimed at enhancing communication and integration among different student bodies of different cultural backgrounds. ISA is an advocate for all international HKUST students and members of ISA, acting as an intermediary between the Represented Members and HKUST officials.


For latest information about our events, visit HKUST International Students Association Facebook Page.

Boat Party

Boat party with pizza, drinks & music

Open Mic Night

Showcase your talents in anything. Be it music or dance.

Welcome Party

Welcoming event for exchange & full-time students

International Food Sharing (IFS)

International cuisines cooked by students

Futsal Tournament

Futsal tournament with prizes

Summer Storage

Storage over the summer break

2022-2023 Executive Committee

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GANESH, Vignesh


BEng Computer Science


SINGHAL, Sarthak

Internal Vice President

BEng Computer Science


SEN, Yigit

External Vice President

BEng Computer Science & BBA GBM


KAPOOR, Kamakshi

Co-Vice President of Marketing

BBA Operations Management and Marketing


YADAV, Vanshika

Co-Vice President of Marketing

BBA Marketing


NATH, Paarban

Vice President of Operations

BBA Marketing


LI, Ziyan

Director of Internal Affairs

BSc Quantitative Finance


DUA, Arpit

Director of External Affairs

BEng Mechanical Engineering


JEON, Sooin

Director of Operations II

BEng Marketing & Information Systems


RAI, Sukruti

Director of Operations I

BEng Computer Engineering


TJAHJADI, Irine Katie

Director of Operations II

BBA Undeclared


KUMAR, Annika

Director of IT

BBA in Informations Systems and Management

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email to isa@ust.hk or any of our excos!

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In order to continuously pursue our vision and mission in HKUST, your interest and support is crucial to our success.

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    Participants will have the chance to meet other students from diverse cultural backgrounds and to be a part of the wind of change that ISA is trying to bring to HKUST.

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    Subcommittee members will aid the Executive Committee to run the ISA. Subcommittee members will be trained as future Executive Committee candidates.

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